basic Servicing

Although our Installation manuals provide all the information you need, here is a brief overview to help keep your product in the best working condition.

  • Keep the outdoor fire covered when not in use to stop rain from blocking the burner jets.
  • Make sure burner is kept clean and clear of combustible materials and dirt.
  • Soot can build up on the glass beads, lava rocks and ceramics logs. This could block burner jets so remove the fuel bed and wipe with wet cloth to clean soot.
  • Check under the fuel bed before lighting for the first time for a while, as insects or other items may have fallen in.
  • If the burner jets do get blocked by soot or other dirt then remove the fuel bed and use a pin or paperclip to unblock them. Ensure the burner is switched off
  • Ensure the condition of the gas hose is suitable and shows no signs of cracking or general wear and tear.
  • We recommend that you have the appliance checked by a qualified technician every 3 years.
  • Follow the above maintenance steps on a regular basis.
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Gas & Regulators

All of our appliance can be used with bottled Propane or Butane. We provide as standard a 27mm Clip-On Regulator suitable for Propane to 37mBar pressure. This is suitable for domestic propane gas cylinders available at garden centres, retailers and gas suppliers.

All products are CE Approved for full compliance.

CE Approvals are required for all gas appliances in the UK and Europe. Products are tested to ensure they meet UK and European Governing laws.


Our products come with 12 month manufacturers’ warranty

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Spare parts

However, if something gets lost or broken or you need a replacement there are spare parts available to buy. These are detailed in the instruction manuals but can also be found in the downloads below.

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